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Dedicated Allergen-Free Bakery

Made in our
dedicated bakery…

All FreeYumm products are made in our dedicated allergen-free bakery and designed specifically to protect you, your family and your friends living with food allergies. Learn more about our bakery

& free of the top 9 priority allergens

  • MilkMilk
    (All Dairy)
  • EggsEggs
  • PeanutsPeanuts
  • Tree NutsTree Nuts
  • Wheat/GlutenWheat/
  • SoySoy
  • FishFish
  • ShellfishShellfish
  • Plus
  • SulphitesSulphites
  • SesameSesame

Made with Gluten-Free Oats Non-GMO Project Verified


Every time you purchase a package of FreeYumm you are helping feed a hungry child in need.

Our Natural Ingredients
Our Natural Ingredients

Our Natural Ingredients

Our goal is to make wholesome, allergen-free treats that taste absolutely delicious. That’s why we use healthy ingredients, including natural sweeteners and whole grains, and we opt for organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

Our Community

Lunch Preparation During COVID

Lunch Preparation During COVID October 5, 2020

It’s back to school! Really? Yes. The answer is definitely yes. The only question is, where is school being held, and for how long? Things are everything but normal… and I know that I have been avoiding doing any planning as a result. But I just realized that October is here! My kid has been […]

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Hello! A note from Sarah

"I hope you enjoy every last bite, and feel good about sharing FreeYumm goodies with friends and family wherever you go."Sarah

Connect, share,
live & learn

Frequently asked

These bars are an excellent allergen-safe product

Perfect for lunch bags and quick snacks between school and sports. Both my nut-allergy child and non-allergic child love these bars, I can’t keep the snack pantry stocked enough with these. I buy them in bulk now, they are a big favorite snack bar alternative for us.

momof2LI – 5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

The whole family enjoyed these bars

It is nice to have allergy friendly options that are safe for our family and safe to send to school. I will be ordering again and trying the other flavors as well.

Stephanie Folven – 5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

These were AMAZING!!

My son is anaphylactic to milk, all nuts, and eggs. We were so excited to find a YUMMY and SAFE granola bar. Thanks!!!

Alion – 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Sensitive Systems are Grateful!

As a person with Colitis I find the best way to manage my health is through my diet. FreeYumm has turned something that was a rare luxury into something that I can enjoy when I like, just as the rest of the world does.

Luis C.- North Vancouver

Perfect for a Busy Family with No Allergies!

Our home is a busy one, with three really active kids who aren’t shy about telling you what they think! Having healthy, tasty snacks that are ready to go is a must for us.Whether eating food at the schoolyard, ball game or group event, FreeYumm gives me food I know my kids will gobble up.

Jennifer D. – North Vancouver

Doesn’t Exclude Any of the Kids

FreeYumm has a great philosophy – if it isn’t safe enough AND tasty enough for everyone to enjoy, then they won’t produce it! That’s just what we need in the school environment.

Brenda Martin – North Shore Mom and Hot Lunch Coordinator

Sharing & Enjoying Food Together

She loved them, as did the whole family! It was great to watch them sharing and enjoying food together. I left feeling like I had done a very good deed for the day!

Raven R., Vancouver

A Real Food Treat

The kids (teens) loved them! So much so that many came back for seconds and some even thirds! They were a great example of a real food treat. Robin S., Holistic Health Coach, The Nourished Way

Delicious, Healthy, Grab & Go Foods

FreeYumm has recognized this gap in the market and is providing consumers with delicious, healthy, grab and go foods that are safe for people living with many dietary restrictions. Nicole Byrom, Registered Dietitian

My Kids Love Them

There aren’t any food sensitivities in my family, but we have friends with various allergies… and it doesn’t feel very good to leave someone out when I serve food in my own home. So, I always make sure we have some FreeYumm treats on hand. My kids love them, plus I can have something to […]

My Kids Love Them