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Welcome to the FreeYumm Community! Here you can stay updated on all things allergen-friendly through links to our blog posts, Facebook posts and tweets! You too can ‘Share The Yumm!’ by downloading our info sheet and bringing to your local grocery store to get FreeYumm on more shelves! And don’t forget to read what the FreeYumm fans have to say about our delicious treats! Thanks for stopping by!

Back to School Safely for the New Year!

Back to School Safely for the New Year! January 3, 2017

  Over 8% of children have a food allergy.   Do you know what this number means?   It means that on average, over 2 children in every classroom has a food allergy… remember when there was only one child in the whole school?     As more and more food allergies are becoming life […]

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Moderation at Halloween?

Moderation at Halloween? October 29, 2016

As Halloween approaches I remember one of my Grandmother’s favourite sayings: “Everything in moderation… including moderation!”   From my grandmother, to my mother, to me, we all believe in the importance of living a life of balance. We don’t go in for extreme diets or food fads. Sugar isn’t great for you, but as long […]

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Halloween Is Still a Blast!

Halloween Is Still a Blast! October 26, 2016

Sometimes it seems as though Food Allergies and Halloween don’t mix very well. Not true!!!   Here are some fun, Allergy Friendly Halloween suggestions, to ensure that the Halloween experience you share in your community is inclusive and fun!   And if you are looking for a little extra Halloween activity in Vancouver, stop by SPUD’s […]

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What FreeYumm fans are saying

Sensitive Systems are Grateful!

As a person with Colitis I find the best way to manage my health is through my diet. FreeYumm has turned something that was a rare luxury into something that I can enjoy when I like, just as the rest of the world does.

Luis C.- North Vancouver

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Perfect for a Busy Family with No Allergies!

Our home is a busy one, with three really active kids who aren’t shy about telling you what they think! Having healthy, tasty snacks that are ready to go is a must for us.Whether eating food at the schoolyard, ball game or group event, FreeYumm gives me food I know my kids will gobble up.

Jennifer D. – North Vancouver

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Doesn’t Exclude Any of the Kids

FreeYumm has a great philosophy – if it isn’t safe enough AND tasty enough for everyone to enjoy, then they won’t produce it! That’s just what we need in the school environment.

Brenda Martin – North Shore Mom and Hot Lunch Coordinator

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