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The Changing face of Halloween! (?)

The Changing face of Halloween! (?) October 19, 2018

Like so many holidays, traditions built around Halloween have become pretty important to families and their kids. I am noticing Teal pumpkins being decorated, and allergen friendly treats being used. Even non-food treats and “candy trade-ins” are being adopted! I figure most parents are thinking “What happened to Halloween? How different it has become!” And […]

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The Halloween Fairy

The Halloween Fairy October 12, 2018

By Lisa Rutter   My family and I are so excited about Halloween this year! Every year we all look forward to having a visit from the Halloween Fairy. My kids still go out and collect candy like all of the other children, but when they get home, they have a special gift left inside […]

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Tips For Allergen-Friendly Game Day Snacks

Tips For Allergen-Friendly Game Day Snacks September 27, 2018

By Lauren Lim   I remember the first time I signed up to bring game day snacks for my daughter’s basketball team.  She was only in kindergarten, and we were not provided with any guidelines about what kind of snacks were expected.  I wondered how much food to bring and what snacks would both appeal […]

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Sensitive Systems are Grateful!

As a person with Colitis I find the best way to manage my health is through my diet. FreeYumm has turned something that was a rare luxury into something that I can enjoy when I like, just as the rest of the world does.

Luis C.- North Vancouver

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Perfect for a Busy Family with No Allergies!

Our home is a busy one, with three really active kids who aren’t shy about telling you what they think! Having healthy, tasty snacks that are ready to go is a must for us.Whether eating food at the schoolyard, ball game or group event, FreeYumm gives me food I know my kids will gobble up.

Jennifer D. – North Vancouver

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Doesn’t Exclude Any of the Kids

FreeYumm has a great philosophy – if it isn’t safe enough AND tasty enough for everyone to enjoy, then they won’t produce it! That’s just what we need in the school environment.

Brenda Martin – North Shore Mom and Hot Lunch Coordinator

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